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Volume 20, Issue 3  (2011)

2011 - International Year of Chemistry:
History of the Union of Bulgarian Chemists. II. Establishment of the Union - Selected Documents

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I. Kuleff
50th Anniversary of the International System of Units, SI

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Letters to the Editor:
I. Ganchev
About the Beginning of Secular Education in Bulgaria in the 19th Century

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Curriculum Matters:
I. Dukov, M. Atanasova
Avogadro's Constant and the International System of Units (SI)

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R. Tomova, E. Boyadjieva, M. Nikolov
Realization of Connections between the Subjects Chemistry and Environmental Protection and Biology and Health Education

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Teaching Chemical Experiment:
E. Gergova, A. Angelacheva
Model of Organization and Realization of Exercises in Methodology and Techniques of School Chemical Experiment

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Bulgarian Educational Tradition:
R.I. Dinkova
School Museum in Svishtov: The Beginning of Secular Education in Bulgaria

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People in Chemistry:
E. Avramova
Stefan Manev. From Inorganic Chemistry to Chemistry Teaching Methodology (Interview)

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Chemistry & History of Chemistry: An Online Supplement:
Y.M. Kornienko, R. Sachok, O.V. Tsepkalo
Modelling of Multifactor Processes While Obtaining Multilayer Humic-Mineral Solid Composites

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Khimiya, Volume 20, Issue 3(2011)

Khimiya. 20, 163- (2011) Author(s): N.Naydenov:

Abstract.The Bulgarian Chemical Society was transformed into the Union of the Bulgarian Chemists in 1924. Three authentic documents present this important for the Bulgarian chemists event. The first statutes of the Union are enclosed.

Keywords: Union of the Bulgarian Chemists, statute, constituent assembly


Khimiya. 20, 174- (2011) Author(s): I. Kuleff:

Abstract.The present article marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the International System of Units, SI. The basic SI quantities and their units are considered. The evolution of the definitions of two them, namely 'meter' and 'second' is traced. The legislation of SI in Bulgaria is commented.

Keywords: SI, quantities and units, meter, second, Bulgarian legislation of SI


Khimiya. 20, 183- (2011) Author(s): I. Dukov, M. Atanasova:

Abstract.The relationship between the Avogadro constant and the mole-the SI unit for quantity of substance, is commented. The proposals of the Comité international
des poids et mesures for new definitions of four SI units, viz. kilogram,
amper, Kelvin and mole, including the values of fundamental constants of Nature are considered. Some methods for determination of the value of Avogadro's constant
are explained and commented.

Keywords: Avogardo's constant, SI units, new definitions, experimental determination


Khimiya. 20, 191- (2011) Author(s): R. Tomova, E. Boyadjieva, M. Nikolov:

Abstract.One of the main goals of science education is the acquisition of knowledge and skills on an integrative basis. Therefore, the normative documents state educational regulations and educational programs have to be synchronized. The review of the educational programs of Chemistry and Environmental Protection, and of Biology and Health Education reveals insufficient coordination of syllabus. This syllabus is needed for studying of important biologically active substances, which are objects of both of the subjects. This makes it difficult to develop students knowledge and logic connections, which are particularly useful in studying of substances functions in living organisms. In the present paper ideas are given for the realization of connections between the two subjects. This will enrich the Chemistry and Biology syllabuses connected with the structure and physiological activity of some organic compounds.

Keywords: Chemistry and Biology syllabuses, insufficient co-ordination, biologically active fatty acids, carotenoids, terpenes, steroids


Khimiya. 20, 207- (2011) Author(s): E. Gergova, A. Angelacheva:

Abstract.How to organize the lecture course on Methodology and Technique of School Chemical Experiment is discussed in the present paper. The experiments with metals are commented in the framework of three levels: before studying periodic law and periodic table; after studying them; and using the contemporary concepts within the topic.

Keywords: school chemical experiment, methodology


Khimiya. 20, 220- (2011) Author(s): R.I. Dinkova:

Abstract.On May 21, 2010 in the town of Svishtov was opened a museum, representing the beginning of secular education in Bulgaria. Exposition is set in one of the oldest school buildings in our country - St Nicolas School of the beginning of 19th century. This article describes the history of this museum, focusing in detail on artifacts that can be seen in it.

Keywords: history of education, Bulgaria, secular education, Svishtov, school museum


Khimiya. 20, E19- (2011) Author(s): Y.M. Kornienko, R. Sachok, O.V. Tsepkalo:

Abstract.The mathematical model of continuous process of formation of multi-layer humic-mineral composites from the liquid systems on the basis of the fuzzy set theory for achieving steady kinetics of granulation process is proposed.

Keywords: multi-layer humic-mineral solid composites, granulation new centers function, quality losses function, fuzzy sets, membership functions, equivalent diameter, product dispersion composition


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