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YOU CAN ADD YOUR SUPPORT to the effort of the Editorial Board of CHEMISTRY: BULGARIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE EDUCATION to transform the journal into a forum for sharing and discussing ideas and news about teaching chemistry and presenting experimental and theoretical aspects of chemistry. We welcome contributions that treat these subjects in their historical, cultural and social context. The Bulgarian society has been closed by the communist regime for more than a half a century and our aim is to overcome the bad consequences caused.

YOU CAN ADD YOUR SUPPORT by becoming a Friend with a tax-deductible contribution. Friends receive our journal and their names appear in one of the issues of the journal.



Regular members donate EURO 30 to 99;

Distinguished members donate EURO 100 or more


Payment Method:
[] Check enclosed, payable to Professor Borislav Toshev (Chemistry: AzBuki); or

[] Postal Money Order - Payee Professor B.V. Toshev/Chemistry (see the mail address)


Mail address: Professor B.V. Toshev, Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Sofia,
1 James Bourchier Blvd., 1164 Sofia, BULGARIA; E-mail:  toshev at chem.uni-sofia.bg

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